Non-magnetic comms networks and the evolution of thought

While I haven’t been writing, I have still been watching. The world of AI continues to be interesting, with updates and changes, though we are still arguing sentience and intelligence, still using dirty and biased data sources, and still arguing if the demise of humans is on the way, at the hands of these machines too bright and too amoral to let us live.

A recent article that suggests that certain humans do have sensory ability to perceive the magnetic field of the earth got me thinking about whether or not electromagnetism could be a communications network/pathway for the many, many species who can sense it, many in very sophisticated manners. What if there is a whole world happening we’ve never seen? What would it be to tap into it? Which makes me wonder, as well, as a world and species that have evolved on a planet with terrestrial magnetism, what happens if we evolve without it? What would a non-magnetic sentience look like? Could this be what the AIs could be? Not that I actually care about artificial intelligences, specifically, rather I am curious about language evolution in non-human species, about transmission of information, language, and culture, and the ways in which we are encoding the past into a future by our unthinking choices in our view of the present. Granted, on that last bit, we think more now than two years ago or five years ago or ten years ago, but if all of our data comes from the textual residue of the past few hundred years, well, not good, I think, just not good.


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