A wee history and another pivot

Before Akathesia was where I wrote about language, AI, and other assorted more technical things, it was a home for travels and fiction or anything else that I wrote. Then, for a few years, I wrote mostly about language and technology, because the movement in machine translation and the absence of any type of cultural translation was both frustrating to me, and what I perceived as a very bad path for humanity. To remove culture from language, or to try, or worse yet, to not realize that is what you are doing, by allowing algorithms to translate or decide, or use statistical weighting to choose the meaning of a word is such a diminishment of humanity.

I think all my writing was for naught, as it seems to continue that way and what we might consider culture now, in 2021, well, I haven’t a clue what comes next, especially when looking at the United States as well as populist-leaning nations.

So I’ve decided to rebirth this, and go back to what I used to write, of other things. I am going to leave the algos here, whereas last time, I took it all away. Instead, a break from the past few years, and perhaps a more interesting future view. See you soon.


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