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I write, think, and read about AI, language, linguistics, power, and culture.  My undergrad and grad work (UC Santa Cruz, Georgetown) were both linguistics AND culture focused, though in very different ways.

My masters work at Georgetown used data gathered from early forums and online communities (late 80s, early 90s) to assess language, power, authority, and relationships between users. I also did a significant amount of work on language evolution, studying under creolists and sociolinguists.

With my interest and emphasis on digital realms, in the early days, I looked at how these fields translated to online worlds, and the different ways language and communication were used in this new medium.

Now that we have advanced several decades, I look more at the interaction between humans and machines using spoken language, as well as written systems.  I am particularly interested in the evolution of languages between AIs, either human language or algorithms, and what this means now, and in the future, for the social and economic realms in which we (inclusively) exist.  This has wide-ranging implications to policy as well.

Following the evolution of robots, AI, language globally, watching the variability in creations, languages, and studies, particularly in French, English and Japanese significantly highlights how broad our considerations should be, and the ways in which we are not, I believe, engaging sociolinguistics and social psychologists deeply enough in the creation of these technologies.

The implications of language as input (bias, systems design) and as interaction paradigms, as well as outputs (robot-evolved languages) when considered with the speed of change and development at this time, makes this an extremely interesting space to generate hypotheses for what the future could look like, and the ways in which we can shift ‘now’ to attempt to reach futures we would prefer to find ourselves in.

[I also have an MBA from Columbia University, to keep me well rounded, or perhaps more realistically, to drive me to keep an eye on the financial implications and outcomes, as these are so often the drivers behind what happens and how, in our worlds.]

More about me can also be found at evabarbarossa.com.


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